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Kids Party Hire In Brisbane – Do It Yourself Parties Rock!

Have you ever tried booking a kid’s party at a venue? It is not uncommon for play centres and party venues to take the buzz out of your bee. They can limit your guest list numbers or charge you an arm and a leg for extra room hire. Then they often need you to vacate by a certain time to make way for the next group of excited kids and they can even enforce a policy on what food you can and cannot bring. It certainly takes the fun out. Doesn’t it? There are some restaurants suitable for youngsters; albeit limited in number. However unless you opt for one of the commonly known junk food chains, most won’t cater for 15 sugar-high kids who won’t sit still for long. So what is your option? Believe it or not, it is very simple.

Create The Ultimate Kid’s Party Yourself

It’s time to take control and create the ultimate party on your own terms. There is nothing more pleasurable than seeing children’s faces light up and smile at a party. You can do it yourself much easier than you probably realize. DIY parties rock and Cheeky Jumping Castles kid’s party hire in Brisbane will make your party dreams become a reality without stress.

Huge Variety Of Jumping Castle Themes And Styles

Whether your child fancies Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh or Disney Princess, there is sure to be the perfect themed jumping castle to suit their current passion. With some 28 themes and styles on offer, including an exclusive range not found anywhere else, including Spiderman, Hi-5 and the Wiggles, the hardest part for you will be deciding which one.

Add Bop Along Buddies To The Mix

Bop along buddies are cute inflatable animal bouncers. Soft, durable and non-toxic, these area great additions to any party giving children the freedom to enjoy imaginative play, not to mention work off the huge amounts of sugar they would have ingested.

What’s A Party Without Fun Party Food Supplies?

As well as the all-important entertainment, Cheeky Jumping Castles offers a fun range of party food supplies for both the kids and adults. Do you want to enjoy the sounds of hot-buttery popcorn popping, the smell of sweet sticky fairy floss or the allure of snow cones? Each fun food machine comes with the essential ingredients and supplies and you can even have a go at being the operator of the machine yourself. If you don’t want to take DIY to the extreme you can always opt for a fully trained operator to take charge and help create more magic and atmosphere and let you party with the kids.

There Is A Difference Between Clean And Clean

Let’s be frank. Play centres and party venues are not always the cleanest places. They may look it but with the hundreds of children who frequent them, it’s not always possible for them to maintain a level of cleanliness that you would expect. Doing it yourself means you get exactly what you want. Cheeky Jumping Castles pride themselves on delivering a professionally sanitised product to your party venue every time.

Location, Location, Location

Castles can be hired throughout Brisbane and the surrounding regions. When you are creating a DIY party, you can host it wherever you want. Whether it be at your home or a local park (council approval permitting), the benefit of Cheeky Jumping Castles kid’s party hire is that they will set up, inflate and dismantle your party entertainment and leave the area as clean as it was before you and your guests arrived.

DIY Parties Really Do Rock

Take the stress out of party planning. Enjoy knowing that your safe, quality entertainment and fun food machines will delivered on time, guaranteed, in perfect working order. Hassle free parties are just a phone call away. It’s your call.

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